Mar 7, 2010


India has given lot of valuable contributions to the World. ‘Yoga’ is one among them. Yoga is present in India from time immemorial. Indian philosophy is based upon the concept of Shaddarshanaas. They are Sankhya, Nyaya, Vaisesika, Purva Mimamsa, Uttara Mimamsa and Yoga. Thus Yoga is an integral part of Indian culture.

Even though, the primary objective of yoga is individual growth it is a prerequisite for community welfare. The present world is becoming more and more materialistic because of globalization and urbanization. A man has to face tough competition and run the risk and tension in his strive to achieve luxuriant life. This leads him to several psychosomatic disorders. The only way out is ‘Yoga’ which soothes both mind and body.

In the present world the life style of present generation has changed a lot. The physical work is less and a man has to face Stress in each of step of his life. The human being is exposing to stress, tention more and more due to more materialistic life.Maan needs exercise for the body and relaxation to the mind. Yoga gives Both to the practioner.. Being a living Science, Yoga achieves the physical and mental synchronization and harmonious working of the two. It gives good health to the practitioner in all aspects. Thus yoga is a useful solution for all the problems of modern civilization. Today’s world is in a greater need to accept yoga as a part of life for the sake of Healthy living. This made Yoga a superior science crossing the barriers of race and nations.


1. The best time for yoga practice is either in the early morning or late in the evening.

2. A well ventilated and clean room should be selected for the practice of yoga.

3. Using a mat or a thick blanket is a must.

4. Open places like garden, ground etc should not selected for the practice of yoga.

5. Asanas should be done on empty stomach. Allowing at least 3 hours after a meal, 1 hour after refreshment and 1/2 hour after light drink such as milk is essential.

6. Wear loose and comfortable cloths, which felicitate free movement of limbs.

7. It is better to take bath before practicing yoga. One should not take bath immediately after the practices. After 1/2 an hour one can take bath.

8. Before starting practice of yoga, the bladder should be emptied, bowels evacuated and mouth should be cleaned.

9. After completing practice of asanas and pranayama always lie down in shavasana for at least 10 minutes.

10. There should not be any type of forceful bending and other movements. One can try only to the extent, he can perform.

11. One should sit facing east or west or north and not to south.

12. Women should not practice asanas during menstrual period. One should stop practicing asanas after the fifth month of pregnancy up to three or four months after the confinement except under expert guidance.

13. After the yoga practice, one should feel fresh and relaxed, never tired, exhausted or sweating.

14. Asanas and physical exercises should not be combined.

15. One should practice with full concentration and awareness. There should be body and mind coherence.


As I finished my M.Sc in Yogic Science at Mangalore University, first thought came in my mind is to go back to my favourite field Agriculture. But felt some thing to achieve in life, so After 3 months staying in home started Yoga life in Bangalore. Even I did not know anyone in Bangalore. After few months struggling realised that practicing yoga is good, but taking yoga as full time profession is harder, then struggled a lot to settle in Bangalore, but nothing worked much.

There is a saying, “Life will be pleasant, if we are satisfied with what we have, but it will be more thrilling if we make efforts to achieve what we desire!!” So just felt that let me make my effort in other nations too in the field of Yoga! And that was the right age and time to go away from India. Finally decided to enter Gulf, On 19 august 2007- I came to Abu Dhabi, The capital of United Arab Emirates (U.A.E)


U.A.E is the main country of all gulf nations, population is around 60 lacks. It will be surprise if I say out of them 23lacks are Indians, but it’s very true!! Locals and Pakistani’s 10 lack each. Other Arabic’s around 10 lack remaining Europeans, It’s an Oil rich desert land, containing 7 emirates. Abu Dhabi is the capital of this country. It’s an Islamic country but religiously freedom is there compare to other gulf nations.

Before coming to Abu Dhabi, I did not know any one here, and was really scared at that time, how to teach Yoga here in Islamic country!!... But after two 3 year working here, now feeling same like India!! My 70% students are Non Hindus, mainly 50% Muslim students; whenever I take classes I feel that “Yoga is Beyond the Barrier of region and religion....” By gods grace in this 3 years I did not face any controversy.
But there is difference in teaching Yoga in India and in Abu Dhabi. Here I have more than 40 nationality students. Different Nationalities – Different way of thinking!! Especially Europeans and Americans wants more stretching, where as Indians prefer medium level classes, but some how learned to managed all .The main change that I made here is change in practice of “SOORYA NAMASKARA” ( Sun Salutation) that is without Mantra and rest things are same. At present I am teaching for beginner’s classes, inter mediate and advance classes. Nearly more than 1000 people learnt Yoga under me. In general I got very good professional experience here. Before coming here I was really feeling shy some times to say that I am a Yoga teacher, but now I can say with proud that I am a Yoga Guru.

Still it’s difficult to take Yoga as fulltime profession in India, because of two things, even though Yoga is contribution of Bharatha to the world, we all still did not know the true value of Yoga!! Government also not supporting for such great fields properly! There is no use in blaming Govt. for everything, it also depends on ours mentality, people are not ready to pay much for Yoga (For example if a person having hypertension he is ready to pay thousands of rupees for doctors, but same cured through yoga with out medicine not ready to pay its half..), and even sometimes they think that no use from Yoga and nothing is curable from this.

But now days these situations are improving, hope that one day all Indians start to practice Yoga as well as other people too!! So that whole world will go through peaceful and healthy life!!


  1. 4. Open places like garden, ground etc should not selected for the practice of yoga.

    can u plz explain why ?

  2. Yoga is also the process of bringing back the senses from sensory objects towards inner awareness, in open ground or gardens, sensory distractions more, so not advised… But if you get alone place in open ground you can practise, but its harder in present days to get such place…

  3. ok I see , thank you so much

    p.s: can you add more music plz



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