Resorts are the places where the people come to rest, relax, rejuvenate themself. Normally resorts have a lot of activities like horse riding, camel riding, and body massage make them more rejuvenating; Yoga is one of the best choices among them.
The visitors normally stay 3-4 days to 1 week in resorts. So it’s a good challenging job to make them refreshing/relaxing yoga in minimum time. Normally some guests have Yoga practice history, some are very beginners, teaching them all together is very interesting. The resorts normally offer group classes and also private classes with different styles of yoga with guest’s choice.

The practice of yoga techniques like Yoga nidra, Pranayamaas in beautiful nature, beach of the resort give additional satisfaction for the yoga Practitioner. After yoga classes a rejuvenating herbal tea in beautiful nature makes the guest rejuvenate a lot through yoga. In total, a few hours of Yoga practice is very advisable to make your stay happy in any resor…


Gulf is the Oil rich Muslim nations of the Asian continent. Normally the thinking which comes in our mind is, is it possible to teach yoga in religious countries…? But after four years of teaching yoga in gulf I clearly understood that yoga is beyond the barrier of region and religion. It’s a way of life. Every human being has to follow it, and started to follow it.
I am teaching Yoga in Abu Dhabi, which is the Capital of United Arab Emirates. Same like other gulf countries UAE is also filled with expatriates. Eighty percent of the countries population is filled with other nationalities, out of them most being Indians. Each countries people have different mentality, prospectus about yoga. Americans and some Europeans want yoga with most stretching’s, where as Indians and some other nationalities prefer slow poses with breathings and meditation. So it’s a challenge to teach all mentality people in a group.
In Gulf nations religious things are more sensitive, so normally while teaching yo…


‘Bandha’ means to hold or lock. In the practise of bandha specific part of the body powerfully contracted or tightened… Normally the bandhas are practice with combination of asana or pranayama. The practice of bandhas effects on the physical, pranic and metal level of the follower.
There are 3 Bandhas…They are
• Jalandhara bandha
• Uddiyana Bandha
• Moola bandha.
When one practised the Asana and pranayama done with bandhas its effect will be more.
All bandhas should be practise in empty stomach; early morning is the best time the practises.

In Sanskrit ‘Jalan’ means net, ‘dhara’ means stream, the word meaning of ‘jalandhara bandha’ is the Physical lock that controls the network of nadis (energy channels) in the neck.


1. The practise of Jalandhara bandha helps to control the flow of ‘prana’ in the body.
2. The regular practise gives mental relaxation, and makes the mind fit for the meditation…
3. While practising pranayama especially with kumbhaka (holding breath) …


With out breath we cannot live for a minute. Breath is the reason and secret behind life. Even though it is so important the most neglected thing in our life is breath. We never aware of how we breathing? Are we breath equally through both the nostrils etc.? All these questions never come in our mind.
The life span and number of breath per minute have direct relation. If we observe the life span of the animals, birds; it’s clearly shows that the creature which have higher breath rate per minutes have less life span, and which have lesser breath rate have higher life span; for example the birds breathing very speed, around 40-50 per minute they live lesser year where as animals like elephant, tortoise-breathing rate is very less they live longer.
A normal human being breathes 15 times a minute. This means he takes 4 seconds for one complete inhalation and exhalation. So in a day his breaths 21600 times, that complete one day for his body. If one breathes in this speed he will live 100…


‘Agni’ means ‘fire’,‘saara’ means ‘essence’,‘kriya’ means ‘action’. This is a purification process of the body which will increase the digestion.
The long-time motion less sitting office work leads to sluggish digestion, laziness of the entire body. The internal digestive organs become inefficient; the best way to overcome from these entire problems is Agni Sara kriya.


1. Agni Sara kriya massages internal organs of the abdomen, stimulates the nerves associated with the digestion. So it leads to proper and normal secretion of digestive juices.

2. The regular practise of this kriya helps to increase the good assimilation of nutrients, there by leads to good health for the follower.

3. Its helps to reduce fat from abdomen, so helps to reduce obesity.

4.One of the best yogic practises to overcome from acidity, gastritis, indigestion, constipation etc.

5. For a healthy person this kriya practise helpful to prevent any type of abdominal disorders’ in future.

6. The regular practise of Agn…


‘Pregnancy’ is a precious and important event in every woman’s life. Today one can well plan to become pregnant when needed and take well care to have a healthy child.

Pregnancy period is very important period to make the Child's growth proper. The healthy pregnant period is very important to have a normal and safe labour… Practice of Prenatal Yoga Asanas in Pregnancy  brings many health benefits. Principles and practices of Yoga  makes an important role for this healthy pregnancy and safe labour.

The physical and psychological status of the women plays major role in pregnancy. Present days the physical work for women is less compare to older days. Earlier days they are used to do lot of sitting works and home routines, which makes their pelvic region stronger, now all those works like, grinding, washing etc, replaced by machines. So the exercises, body movement is less compare to earlier days, so the pelvic region and abdominal muscles are weaker compare to earlier days… Present da…


Sun generates heat and light necessary to sustain life, with out sun, there is no life or world for a single minute. By knowing this the ancient people worshipped sun as god Most of the ancient civilizations developed religions which are based on sun worship. it was identified as different deities. As Mithras by Persians, Osiris as in Egypt, Baal as in Chaldeans, Apollo as in Greek, Soorya as in India.

Even though god is one, its worship in different forms in India.. Out of them sun is one form of god. Sun is worship as Lord since time immemorial in India..Different form of gods has some special method of worship to please them easily. Lord shiva by Abhishekam (Holy water bath), Lord Vishnu by Alankara (Decoration).
Same way the to please the Sun the best way of worship is Salutation.. So sun salutation is not only part of yoga, it’s a part of Indian culture.. In olden days the daily life starts with saluting to the sun,. Traditionally sun salutation was doing with mantras.. There are 12…