Yoga is the most practical and curative medicine to control the ailments of modern life. The practice of Yoga prevents the sorrows which are yet to come. In Patanjala Yoga Sutra it is clearly stated as below

“Heyam duhkhamanagatam”
(Patanjala Yoga Sutra chapter 4-, shloka 3.)

Which means the Yoga prevents sorrows which will come in future.

The modern way of life style imbalances the natural equilibrium of man with nature. The environment is getting polluted more and more because of men over activity. This is also due to decay of moral standards in People. This makes the people more Prone to Psychosomatic diseases like insomnia, hypertension, cardiac diseases, diabetes, constipation, migraine head ache, anxiety neurosis and stress relate disorders.

Yoga is preventive and curative medicine to overcome different types of disorders. The Kriya, Asana, Pranayama, Bandha, Mudra, Meditation techniques of yoga are useful in curing the diseases. Following the yogic life style is very good method to come out from the miseries and communicable diseases. One can get an enhanced general relaxation and a feeling of goodness by the practice of yoga. By regular practice of these limbs of yoga one can get the preventive and curative benefits of yoga.
We can see the therapeutically aspects and health potentialities of yoga explained in the classical texts.

“Yogascitta vrttinirodhah”
(Patanjala Yoga Sutra chapter 4-shloka4)

Which means yoga is restraining the modifications of mind. The diseases, which are due to fluctuating mind, are curable through Yoga. In Patanjala Yoga sutra the features of the distracted mind and its symptoms are explained. The Patanjala Yoga Sutra advices ‘Om’ meditation (Pranava japa) for the distraction of obstacles causes the distraction of mind. It explains the benefits of yoga practices as below.

“Yoganganusthanad asuddhiksaye jnanadiptira viveka kyateh”
(Patanjala Yoga Sutra chapter4-shloka-5)

By the practice of different limbs of Yoga, the impurities being destroyed, knowledge becomes effulgent up to discrimination. So the follower of yoga becomes free from diseases.
In Hatha Yoga pradipika, we can see the concept of yoga Therapy in several shlokas, for e.g.:

“Kuryattadasanam sthairyamarogyam changalaghavam”
(Hatha Pradipika, chapter - 1, Sloka – 17)

This means asana brings mental as well as Physical steadiness, health and a feeling of lightness.

This text tells that by practicing various Asanas and Pranayamas one can become free from all the diseases, digestion problem and fatigue and one can get good health by practicing yoga.
In Gheranda Samhita the method of attaining the seven aids of the body are as explained.

“Sat karmana shodhanam cha asanena bhaveddrham”
mudraya sthirata chaiva pratyaharena dhirata||
pranayamallaghavam cha dhyanatpratyksamatmanah|
samadhina nirliptam cha muktireva na samsaya”||
(Gheranda Samhita, chapter - 1, Sloka - 10, 11)

The Shatkarmas, purify the body, Asanas strengthen it. Mudra brings about steadiness, Pratyahara results in calmness Pranayama leads to lightness, Dhyana gives realization of the self and Samadhi leads to is isolation which is verily liberation. This shloka confirms that by practicing yoga one can get the total good health.
Thus by these conclusive evidences we can clearly understand that yoga is a science of healthy and better living. It joins our physical, mental, moral; intellectual and spiritual force and ultimately leads towards good health and promises meaningful life…


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