Mind is the factory of thoughts; each and every second thought is coming to the mind same like waves coming in the sea. It has been estimated that the average human being has around 60000 thoughts per day! The Five senses are the main reason for the thoughts; by putting the senses in one point some extent one can reduce the unwanted thoughts

Music is a very good media to calm down the mind, and concentrates to a particular point. Realizing this value of music, music therapy became one of the parts of alternative medicines. During Yoga class music’s play a major role to reduce unwanted thoughts, to get good concentration in practice. Even though one can practice yoga without music’s, its effect will be more with nice pleasant music’s. Earlier Yogis practicing Yoga in forests in early morning, nature itself giving the natural music’s those time, like birds-singing, rivers sounds water falls sounds est.’s on that time there was no need of creating yogic environment for the practices .

Music’s can be classified into 3 types, Satvic (mode of good ness), Raajasik (mode of passion),Taamasik (mod of ignorance). To get peaceful mind one has try to move towards satvik nature, for this satvic music’s helps a lot... the music’s like flute, veena, or any melodious is coming under this category, if one put during the practice of yoga, even though he coming from stressful work, or any bad mood, - it will helpful to involve practitioners more on the practice. This is experience of lots of yoga followers. Personally what I am feeling is especially while relaxing in shavasana if you put relaxing music’s its effect will be double.

REMEMBER: if you are doing yoga in home, try to create yogic environment in your practice room.

1. Try to make your yoga room away from disturbances like mobile phone, TVs, News paper etc.

2. Try to avoid disturbing pictures, children’s noice, and public places like park during where lot people can watch you, they will disturb your mind more.

3. Do not stop practice in between the practice for some work. If you stop for some work, the flow of practice will go; because of this most people would prefer yoga centers for long duration for practices.


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