According to tridosha theory (one of the fundamental theory of Indian medicine), the human body is made by three basic constituents called tridoshas, which are Vata( mechanical functional constituent of the body), Pitta(chemical functional constituent of the body) and Kapha( material functional constituent of the body).If any imbalance in the constituents in the body leads to diseases. Yoga recommends six purification processes to get and keep the equilibrium of these tridoshas. They are called as Shat kriyas (six purification processes).They are

1. Neti-Nasal cleansing.
2. Dhauti-Cleaning of digestive tract, stomach.
3. Nauli- Abdominal massage.
4. Kaphalabhati-Purification of frontal lobes and lungs.
5. Basti-Colon cleaning.
6. Trataka-Blinkless gazing.

These six cleansing processes are excellent practises designed to purify the whole body, and to get good health.


1. Shatkarmas are very good to overcome from lot of diseases completely, so it’s very effective in Yoga therapy.

2. The practise of shatkarma creates harmony in body and mind.

3. The different systems of the body are purifying this shatkarma practise, so the energy can flow through the body freely.

4. Its very good for general health, this increases the ones capacity to work, think, digest, taste, feel, experience, etc…

Hatha yoga pradipika, one of the classical texts of yoga explains the benefits of Shatkriyas as bellows;
‘Karmashatkamidam gopyam ghatashodhanakarakam.
Vichitragunasandhayi poojyate yogipungavaihi’.
(Hatha pradeepika-2-23)

These shatkarma which effect purification of the body are secret. They have manifold, wondrous results and held in high esteem by eminent yogis…


The process of cleaning the nasal passage by salt water is called as jala neti. The specially designed pot is used for this purpose called neti pot.


1. Jala neti is the best method to preventing and eliminating colds.

2. Very good to maintain and to increase the efficiency nasal passages.

3. it’s a very good method to overcome from sinusitis. If one practise jala neti with kaphala bhati he can over come from sinus problem with in a month.

4. Jala neti helps overcome migraine problems, depression, tension, etc.

5. The practice of jala neti makes the breathing easier, which leads to improved intake of oxygen and removal of carbon dioxide. So the jalaneti practise is very good for overall health.

LIMITATIONS: People suffering from chronic nose bleeding should not do neti unless experts advise.


1. Always practice kaphalabhati after neti practice, it will helpful to remove the remaining water content from the nose.

2. In traditional Yoga techniques, milk and ghee also used instead of salt water.

3. The water used for the practice should be pure and lukewarm…


‘Kaphala’ means cranium; ‘bhati’ means shining or splendour. This is a kriya or cleansing process which cleanses the impurities of the Kaphala region and makes it shine with purity, so it called as Kaphalabhati.


1. Kaphala bhati relaxes the facial muscles and nerves.

2. As per some classical texts of yoga regular practise of kaphalabhati helps to prevent aging process.

3. Very good cure respiratory disorders like asthma, bronchitis.

4. Increases the lungs capacity, makes the lungs strong.

5. One of the good practises to cure sinusitis.

6. Spiritually the kapahala bhati practice helpful to awaken ajna chakra.

The kaphala bhati is explained in hath yoga pradeepika; one of the classical texts of yoga as bellows;

‘Bhastravallohakarsya recha poorau sasambramau
Kaphala bhatirvikhyata kapha dosha vishoshani’.
(Hatha yoga pradepika-2.35)

Perform exhalation and inhalation rapidly like the bellows of a blacksmith. This is called kaphalabhati and it destroys all mucous disorders.

• The People suffering from hypertension and heart problems should not do Kaphalabhati.
• Beginning you may feel giddiness while practising, so practise 2 minutes, relax again repeat two more minutes…


‘Trataka’ means to ‘gauze steadily’. Trataka is a process of concentrating the mind and curbing its oscillating tendencies. In general in trataka practice continues gauzing on the flame of candle is to be done.

1. Trataka is good for overcome from eye problems as per Gheranda samhitha, one of the classical texts of yoga, trataka can cure 20 types of eyes disorders.

2. Regular practice of trataka is helpful to overcome from depression, insomnia, allergy, anxiety problems.

3. Especially good to increase and memory power in Children.

4. In some extent trataka helpful to overcome from postural problems.

5. Trataka practice awakens the ajna chakra.

Hatha yoga pradipika, one of the classical texts of yoga explains the Trataka and its benefits as bellows;

‘Nireksho nischaladrshaa sukshma lakshyam samahitaha
Ashrusampata paryantamacharyat tratakam smrtam’
(Hatha yoga pradipika2.31)

Looking intently with an unwavering gaze at a small point until tears are shed down is known as trataka by the acharayas (teachers).

‘Mochanam nethra roganam tandradeenam kapatakam.
Yatnat tat tratakam gopyam yatha hatakapetakam’
(Hatha yoga pradeepika 2.32)

Trataka eradicates all eye diseases. Fatigue and sloth and closes the doorway creating these problems. It should be carefully kept secret like a golden casket.


The trataka can be done at any time; but the most suitable time is early morning after practice of asnas and pranayamas one has to practice trataka.

The symbols or objects like crystal ball, Shiva lingam, full moon, star, the symbol of ‘Om’ also use instead of candles.

The candle flame is useful; but the best is the ghee lamp, because its flame intensity is very good for eyes.

Beginnings just start with two or three minutes of practices, after few days one can increase up to 10 minutes.


‘Nauli’ is the yogic cleansing process; which will rejuvenate the whole digestive system.


One of the best yogic process to improve the function of whole digestive system.
Helpful to overcome from constipation.
Increase the efficiency of pancreas, so best practise to prevent and overcome from diabetes.
Nauli practise prevents sexual deficiency.
Helps to increase general vitality of the body.
It activates all organs of the abdominal region, makes abdominal muscles stronger, so very good to maintain health.

LIMITATIONS: The people suffering from high bloodpressure, hernia, peptic ulcer, liver problems should not practise nauli kriya.


Beginning days practise 2-3 times a day, gradually increase up to 6 rounds.
Best time for the practise is early morning, other wise 6 hours after food.


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